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Is Breastfeeding Vegan?

If you’re searching for a complete guide to vegan breastfeeding, including how breastfeeding can even be considered vegan, foods to increase your milk supply, and changing the narrative of the starving vegan baby, read on. 

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Nut Free Vegan Queso

This nut free vegan queso is full of delicious and creamy cheesy flavor without any need to soak cashews. It’s perfect for serving to a crowd or using to top your tacos, enchiladas, or burrito

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a little about me

I’m Brittney – a vegan food and fitness enthusiast! I’m also a wife, mother, and wellness coach. My mission is to empower vegan mothers to be “cruelty free and killin’ it” through delicious and healthy plant-based food, functional fitness, and sustainable living.