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I try to eat a mostly healthy, whole food diet, but birthdays are for splurging, and on my 25th birthday, I splurged BIG time. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, try this one out, because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere.

Growing up, funfetti was my favorite kind of birthday cake. There was just something so special about those colorful sprinkles. Those rainbow sprinkles meant happiness. However, I didn’t realize before going vegan that those happiness inducing sprinkles didn’t mean happiness for the animals. Many of the dyes we find in the sprinkles typically found in the grocery store either a.) come from animals or b.) are tested on animals. I ain’t about that life.

So what did I do? I gave up.

Just kidding! I turned to another version of rainbow happiness: Fruity Pebbles. If I had given up, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this greatness


 I first started with a recipe that is not mine, so I want to give adequate credit. This recipe is adapted from: Vegan Vanilla Birthday Cake by The Cake Merchant.

Follow the cake portion of Natasha’s recipe as is through step six. Once you have added the dry ingredients and mixed well, add three cups of Fruity Pebbles and fold in until well combined. Instead of making three separate layers, I combined in one 8 inch pan and baked for 35 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. I followed Natasha’s frosting recipe as it is (using about 1/8 cup of cashew milk) and it was the creamiest, most perfect vanilla frosting.


I’ve gotten several questions about how I got the perfect 25 on the top of the cake when I went to decorate and I wanted to share with you just how easy that was. All you need is cookie cutters in the shape you would like to use. So for my 25th, I simply used a 2 and a 5.

I simply did placed my cookie cutters on the top of the frosting and put a shallow layer of Fruity Pebbles inside. I gently pressed the cereal into the frosting so that it would stick. Once I had completed this, I carefully removed the cookie cutters.

There you have it. Easy as pie, or cake in this case.






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