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Once people find out that I’m a vegan competing in a bikini competition, they sometimes ask, “don’t you have to eat a lot of tilapia and chicken to be successful at one of those?”

I try my best not to laugh in their faces, but it sure can be hard sometimes. I have to remind myself that that’s probably what I would have thought too back two years ago before I went vegan and subsequently DIDN’T die of a protein deficiency.

There’s certainly been my share of broccoli and buffalo tempeh and more asparagus than one person should eat in a lifetime over the past few months, but I’ve also worked cake into this lifestyle, so I’d call that winning.

I’m here now to share with you a few of the meals I’ve found to be triumphs on my journey to the stage.

  1. VEGAN PROTEIN MUG CAKE. Starting this list off strong, am I right? I eat cake to get ready for a bikini competition. I didn’t even know “cake” and “bikini competition” belonged in the same sentence, but since I found this recipe from my #girlcrush Natalie Matthews of Fit Vegan Chef, I’ve been hooked. I typically have this for breakfast or an afternoon preworkout meal before my weight session. My recommendation: serve with sliced banana and melted peanut butter. Alternatively, I like to add one teaspoon vegan honey to the wet ingredients and one teaspoon pumpkin pie spice to the dry ingredients before mixing.
  2. BAKED ITALIAN HERB TOFU. One of my favorite vegan protein sources is tofu. There’s a lot of hoopla and disagreement surrounding soy, but if you’re a fan of the delicious soybean and looking for a delicious recipe, I recommend this one.
  3. CRISPY NO-OIL BAKED TOFU FINGERS. One final tofu recipe for you. Maybe. And does tofu have fingers? No, but neither does chicken. It’s only three ingredients with the tofu, nooch, and no-salt seasoning and it pairs nicely with broccoli or peas.
  4. ROASTED TOMATO CHICKPEA SOUP. Soups are an easy way to keep a meal light while also getting in extra veggies. This soup pairs roasted tomatoes with healthy fat from coconut milk and protein from chickpeas. I’ve actually been using this recipe for meal prep for years. Honestly, this is one of the few meals I hate finishing up at the end of the week. With most other recipes, I’m glad to be changing it up when my week ends. With this one, I’d love another large pot.
  5. HIGH PROTEIN MAC & CHEESE. Fit Vegan Chef has done it again with a macro-friendly, high protein mac and cheese. I was skeptical of this recipe at first because I didn’t believe that I could have pasta on a “diet”, but this bowl is magic. I used Banza elbows for my prep. Tip: I like to add hot sauce and smoked paprika to mine for some extra flavor.
  6. DREAMY CAULIFLOWER ALFREDO. More cheese please. This recipe is super quick and pairs well with the above-mentioned protein pasta and peas.
  7. BLUEBERRY BASIL SHAKEOLOGY SMOOTHIE. I have been drinking Shakeology every day for over a year now and I am still blown away by how delicious it is and how good it makes me feel. 70+ superfoods will do that to you, I suppose. I love this blueberry basil flavor combination because it’s unexpected as well as fresh and springy. It’s refreshing and so satisfying.If you want to learn more about the benefits of drinking Shakeology, you can follow that link or feel free to message me.
    If you’re interested in getting a sample of each flavor, there’s an option for that too! While I change my meals up weekly, I absolutely always have my daily Shakeo. It’s my non-negotiable “duh meal” of the day.

I hope you feel inspired by these recipes. No need for tilapia or chicken breast here.


Mary Ellen @ VNutrition · May 4, 2018 at 11:49 am

Hey Brittney! So glad you’ve been liking the tomato chickpea soup! All the food you’re eating looks so delicious!
Good luck with your bikini competition!

    heybrittney · May 15, 2018 at 3:45 pm

    It’s one of my go to recipes! Thanks for creating it. 🙂

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