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When you think of vegan cities, what cities pop immediately into your mind? Los Angeles? Portland? Denver? Austin?

My guess is that St. Louis doesn’t make your top ten, but it certainly surprised me with the availability of vegan options.

Before we get to the FOOD, I wanted to share my favorite part of the trip. I finally got to visit The Gentle Barn! Some of you probably remember the “St. Louis Six“, the group of six baby cows who escaped slaughter and eluded capture in the streets of St. Louis. Animal activists fought hard for their freedom after they caught national attention and The Gentle Barn opened a new location in St. Louis to give these sweet boys their forever home.


We did the two hour tour and got plenty of one-on-one time with the sweet animals. If you make this trip, I’d suggest you bring some sunscreen. It’s also kind of out in the middle of nowhere, so don’t expect a lot of food options. We packed snacks. They did have a concession open when we toured and they only serve vegan food there, so that’s always an option.

You can see and sponsor an animal right here. 

You’re probably mostly here for the food though, am I right?

Here are some of my favorite foods and restaurants of St. Louis and my completely honest reviews. These are in no particular order.

Lulu’s Local Eatery

We made it to St. Louis earlier than originally planned, so we jumped right into the vegan food scene. Our first stop was Lulu’s Local Eatery. I ordered from the sides menu and got the avocado poke bowl with watermelon sashimi with a side of buffalo cauliflower wings and unsweet tea. I wanted a veg-heavy meal.

Lulu’s didn’t disappoint me on the healthy veggie front.

There wasn’t any disappointment on the sweet treat front either. You can snag a cookie from Genuinely Baked before you leave Lulu’s. I grabbed the soft and fluffy funfetti cookie and Alex went for the chocolate chip. I highly recommend both.

Pizza Head

I can’t verify this, but I assume that they call this place Pizza Head because one slice of pizza here is the size of your head. I got a special with two slices of vegan cheese, completely unaware they’d be so large. I have zero shame in saying I slayed that plate. It’s the only place we visited twice on our trip. I’ll be honest, I tried to convince Alex to go a third time. The pizza was both cheap and delicious. It’s the best pizza I’ve had since going vegan.

Bonus for this place: everything is vegetarian and all of the “meats” are vegan. They keep the dairy cheese pizzas separate from the vegan pizzas so there’s no chance of cross contamination.

Tree House

If you can schedule it, make your way to Tree House during their brunch hours. This is another restaurant that is fully vegetarian and their vegan offerings are clearly marked. I went for the sausage, brussels sprouts, and sweet potato hash. It was incredible. I thought I was stuffed at that point, but when our waiter went through the list of vegan pastries, it turned out I had room for a doughnut. Imagine that.

Vincent Van Doughnut


Speaking of doughnuts, Vincent Van Doughnuts is where doughnut dreams come true. They didn’t have any savory flavors when we went in, but they had lemon blueberry, lavender lemon, and chocolate coconut. I couldn’t decide, so I got one of each. Alex and I actually ended up trading doughnuts so I could have two lavender lemon because I liked that one so much.

Please note that Vincent Van Doughnuts does use the same fryer for all of their doughnuts, so if cross contamination is a concern for you, this may not be the place to fulfill your doughnut needs.

Revel Kitchen

Alex and I stumbled upon this little place kind of by accident. We didn’t make plans to be here, but ended up in the area and noticed it when we searched for options nearby. I’m so glad we did because the guy there was so helpful breaking down the menu for us and letting us know all of our vegan options. The menu is broken down so that you choose your base and then your flavor style and then your protein. You can have a bowl, wrap, or salad. Because everything is made on the spot, they are able to customize to give you exactly what you want. I did a cauliflower rice base with the Mediterranean style (balsamic sun-dried tomato pesto, roasted beets, chickpeas, carrots, peppers, almonds) and the tofu as my protein. Revel Kitchen is also able to omit the yogurt in their smoothies, so I did a PB&J smoothie on the side.

I recommend stopping by Revel Kitchen for a healthy bite to eat for lunch or dinner.

I would absolutely love to hear from you in the comments if you have any more vegan foods in St. Louis for me to add to this list.

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