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I’m going to keep this short and sweet because IT’S MY DUE DATE and this momma-to-be is stinkin’ tired. I’m told I’ll get used to feeling this way all the time, haha.

Because I knew Alex and I would be exhausted and I knew it would take a little bit for both of us new parents to settle into a routine, I decided months ago to do everything I could in advance to make this first month as easy as possible for us. I’m such a planner and type A personality, so I believe that really worked to my advantage here. I decided the best thing I could do to make this transition a little easier is have as many meals as I could prepped ahead of time. That would be one less thing we would have to worry about and it would leave us some brain power as we learn all things breastfeeding, cloth diapering, finding a sleep schedule, etc.

I started by just making extra large batches of meals we were already eating. That’s why some of these freezer meals don’t have recipes. They were just made up and frozen on the fly.

Here is what we ended up stocking in our freezer:

  1. Ten Buffalo Chickpea and Artichoke Taquitos (from Veggie Inspired)
  2. 1 bag of Spinach Ricotta Ravioli (no recipe here because I was just looking for a way to use up some extra ricotta Alex had made for stuffed pasta shells, sorry, but here’s the super simple ravioli press I used!)
  3. 2 bags of Golden Red Lentil Dal (from Oh She Glows)
  4. 1 bag of Jackfruit Carnitas (from La Fuji Mama)
  5. 2 bags of Jackfruit Tortilla Soup (from Hey Brittney – oh hey! That’s me!)
  6. 2 bags of Fiesta Bean Soup (no recipe here either. I just threw a bunch of already cooked leftover black beans, pinto beans, taco seasoning, salsa verde, and veggie broth into a large pot and let them cook until the flavors blended and I got the texture I wanted with an immersion blender)
  7. 2 bags of Slow Cooker Italian Chickpeas (from Cookin’ Canuck) – For this meal, I added all of the ingredients for the crockpot meal to freezer bags and then froze them uncooked. I plan to thaw the night before we plan to have the meal and then dump everything in the crockpot that morning.
  8. 1 bag of Kung Pao Chickpeas (from Detoxinista) -same plan as above. Uncooked ingredients are frozen and will be thawed and then dumped into a crockpot the morning we plan to have them
  9. 1 bag of Chili
  10. 1 bag of Lentil Tortilla Soup (from Vegan Richa)
  11. 1 loaf of Best Ever Zucchini Bread (inspired by and veganized from Butter with a Side of Bread) -veganized using Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer
  12. 5 Freezer Friendly Hot Pockets (inspired by and veganized from Happy Money Saver) – I used the dough from this recipe and then used vegan fillings such as Tofurkey with Daiya cheddar cheese and BBQ tempeh. I made a lot more than 5 of these, but only 5 survived long enough to be frozen. They’re just so good, haha!
  13. A dozen Superfood PB Cups (recipe snagged from my friend, Megan) – I personally use Shakeology as my daily superfood blend. If you’re looking for a sample of Shakeology, here you go. If you’re looking for a sample of Shakeology and one week of my workout programs, that’s also an option.


I’m sure we’ll still be ordering our fair share of pizza and having Thai takeout for the next month, but I feel really good about the healthy meals we have to help us in this transition.


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