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I knew this would be my “comeback” program as soon as I saw the official teaser video, but I didn’t know just how much of a comeback I’d be having with Morning Meltdown 100.  

I wanted to give myself grace because this was the first time I’d fully committed to a program since Troian was born in March. I’d not really dialed in on nutrition yet because I wanted to make sure my milk supply was established for breastfeeding. That was my priority.

I went into Morning Meltdown 100 with zero expectations.

The results I’ve gotten in just 20 days, I expected them MAYBE after 100. I didn’t expect them so soon, but I am amazed at what proper nutrition and a wide variety of exercises can do. 

I am down 5 lbs and 9 inches in just 20 days. If you couldn’t tell from the before and durings, most of those inches lost came from my waist. I feel excellent and I love what this program is doing for me both physically and mentally. 


Beachbody has several vegan-friendly meal plans and this one is no exception. There is plenty of variety and the included nutrition plan has quite a few already vegan recipes. Many of the other recipes can be made vegan with a simple swap of protein choice (I use tempeh and tofu often, but I’ll sometimes choose chickpeas or beans depending on the recipe). 

For me, a breastfeeding mother, I decided to eat in maintenance mode. I didn’t want to risk messing up my milk supply, so I eat in a maintenance plan to account for the extra 500 or so calories my body is using just by creating food for baby T. 

I’ve been eating lots of oatmeal (great for milk production) and staying hydrated as well to make sure my milk supply stays up. I have noticed no dip in my milk production. 

Some of my favorite meals  and snacks so far have been curried quinoa with peas and mango or peaches, tostadas, avocado toast, cashew lime cheesecake, and pumpkin spice cookies. 


One of the things that makes Morning Meltdown 100 different from traditional workout-from-home programs that you might be familiar with is that you NEVER repeat a single workout. This program is filmed in real time and the cast goes through all 100 individual workouts in the same order you do! 

There is such a variation among the workouts so you don’t get bored. There’s a good mix of weightlifting, HIIT (high intensity interval training), core work, upper and lower body lifting, MMA (mixed martial arts), and even built in yoga recovery days. Each day feels brand new because it is brand new. 

Many of the moves are ones that I have never seen before, so don’t think you’re just going to be doing burpees and squats on repeat. There are plenty of those, but also new moves like starbursts, firecrackers, bravehearts, and “badass jumps”. 

I promise to keep you all updated over the next 80 days! 

If you’re ready to get your own results, you know where to find me. 

Want to try a sample workout?

Want to do Morning Meltdown 100 with me?


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