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Here are my Morning Meltdown 100 results and a review of what I call my postpartum comeback program. 

I’m not sure which of us changed more in 100 days, me or Troian. Either way, we both changed a lot. I touched a little bit on my 20 day results, but I was floored by the results after 100 days!

Since July, Troian has started eating solid foods, saying “dada” and “mama”, and attempting to crawl. She now has four teeth that she didn’t have when this program began. She also will now play peek-a-boo and has an understanding of the words “milk”, “dog”, and “Alexa”. She’s changed a ton in 100 days. 

So have I.  


In just 100 days, I lost 10 lbs and 18 inches overall. I know that’s “only” one pound every 10 days, but it was done in a way that felt sustainable, wasn’t restrictive, AND (most importantly to me) I was able to continue breastfeeding for the duration of this program. 

I was able to consistently bump up the weights I was lifting and felt an increase in my cardio endurance, flexibility, and stamina over the course of this 100 days. 


Zero secret that I like food, ha. 

I can admit that I did not keep to the nutrition component of the program 100% of the time. I’d have to say I stuck to it about 75/25 with 75% of the time being whole food plant based with shakes and meal plan approved foods (including cheesecake!) and 25% of the time being “off plan”, but still mindful not to overindulge. I did not stress about the number on the scale or anything other than keeping my breast milk supply up. That was my number one goal during this program and I was able to do just that. 

Breastfeeding munchies, the nationwide release of the Burger King Impossible Whopper, and miscellaneous birthdays and celebrations were all reasons to stray from the plan. 

And because this program is focused on progress over perfection, I was able to indulge in the moment and then jump right back on track without feeling the need to beat myself up or deprive myself in order to make up for “cheats”. In other words, this program was as healthy for my mind as it was for my body. It gave me realistic expectations and a plan that felt like something I could continue long-term. This wasn’t a quick fix. It became a lifestyle. 

The meals included in the meal plan were ALL delicious. There are meal and snack options for all sorts of eating styles including vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, and high protein. There was no boredom with the plan over the course of 100 days, and that’s saying a lot as a foodie. I loved the flexibility and the focus on finding what works for you instead of hitting strict numbers. It felt intuitive and natural to me. I could see falling easily back into this way of eating after my bikini competition next year. 

My favorite meals and snacks from the plan were: 

  • Thai tempeh breakfast bowls
  • Strawberry protein overnight oats with Shakeology
  • Quinoa with sun-dried tomatoes and pesto
  • Curried quinoa and peas with cashews and fresh mango
  • Vegan slow cooker stew with chickpeas and spinach
  • Vegan lime cheesecake cups


The workouts were divided into five phases, each being twenty days long. Those five phases contain two back to back sets of ten workouts where you do the initial ten followed by the second ten where the intensity is jacked up with the addition of 100 second challenges. What I liked most is that you never ever repeat a single workout, so each of the 100 is brand new. 

The workouts follow this order:

  1.  Cardio Meltdown
  2. Upbeat Strength
  3. Core Inferno
  4. Total Body Badass
  5. Freestyle Flow
  6. LIT Cardio
  7. Downbeat Strength
  8. Fight Club
  9. MeltCon
  10. Re-Vibe

    So for every day ending with 1 (day 1, day 11, day 21, and so on), you do Cardio Meltdown. For every day ending with 2 (day 2, day 12, day 22, and so on), you do Cardio Meltdown. 

    The workouts are varied with a fantastic mix of cardio, lifting, core-focused, mixed martial arts, total body conditioning, and yoga-esque days to aid recovery. 

    There was always at least one modifier to help show how to take a single move down a level if needed. Throughout the course of 100 workouts, each cast member took modifications as needed, including Jericho. It was refreshing each of the cast members pushing as hard and showing their struggle and their progress over the course of time. 

      Final Thoughts

      After my competition, I will absolutely be revisiting this program again, hopefully soon. I love the way it challenged me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I also enjoyed the way it focused on making this a lifestyle over any sort of quick fix. It was sustainable and approachable for all levels of fitness. 

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