About Hey Brittney

You’ve probably already figured out that my name is Brittney based on my website, you clever person, you.

I am a mentor and coach to men and women who are wanting to learn more about the vegan lifestyle, whether that be for ethical, health, environmental, or a combination of any number of reasons. I’d love to hear more about WHY you want to go vegan, but the most important thing is that you are here.

….you might be feeling…. 

  • Overwhelmed at all of the conflicting information out there about the pros and cons of going vegan
  • Sad because the thought of “giving up” cheese and ice cream makes you feel like crawling under a table and hiding
  • Scared that you won’t get enough protein
  • Lost about where to start
  • Clueless on how to eat out as a vegan
  • Unsure about what, if anything, to say to your family, friends, coworkers, furbabies, etc. about this lifestyle change
  • Doubtful that you can make this transition successfully

Don’t worry because….

I get you

I was you.

That was me in 2016.

I remember knowing that I wanted to give this a try, but not knowing the logistics of how to get started. My why is a story for another time, but I knew as sure as anything that consuming animals and their by-products did not align with the way I wanted to live my life.

Instead of dipping my toes in, I cannonballed and learned as I went. I made a lot of mistakes for sure, but I also figured it out along the way.

That’s when Hey Brittney was born. I decided to pass on everything I have learned in my research and my personal trial and errors in order to help others join the vegan movement. Helping others transition to this lifestyle sets my soul on fire.

What if I told you that….

  • You don’t have to give up cheese or ice cream
  • You will get enough protein as long as you are consuming a varied diet and eating enough
  • You don’t have to feel lost about where to start because I’ve got you covered
  • You can eat out as a vegan and not have to limit yourself to salad and french fries
  • You can make this transition successfully

….and I am passionate about helping you do just that!

Let’s get started!
Let’s first plug you into a community full of recipes, tips, guidance, and support in my Facebook page Hey Brittney. This is where our community of both rookie and veteran vegans come for answers and encouragement in their journey. We share humor, meal planning tips, our favorite cruelty-free cleaners and hygiene products, information on raising healthy vegan babies, and much more.

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